Warning: This post contains language of an adult nature

This has been coming for a while, for a long, long while. It’s time for me to move on. I’ve had it up to here with selling booze to people who would be better of without it. These people are fucking assholes, wankers of the highest order. I am not the ideal representative for the licensed trade. I’d get more satisfaction from making and selling cappuccinos and frappes to those who know what a real drink is.

I’m fed up with my job – not just in a general ‘pissed off’ way, but also at a deep philosophical level. Every time I head into work on a weekend evening, I feel a little bit of my soul die. I’ve mentioned elsewhere that there are certain aspects of my job that I do like: the food service end of things, that’s my forte. If I could condense my part-time situation to just lunch service, that would suit me. But I don’t know if that would suit my employers (who, don’t get me wrong, I like – regardless of my differences with them).

It’s the drunks I’m beginning to despise: the Nancies (not you, nrhatch), the Daves, the Christies, the Johns. For God’s sake, people, can’t you see what you’re doing to yourselves? Do you even give a shit? No? Then why the fuck should I? I’ve better things to be doing.

I’m beginning to believe that my current physical malaise has much to do with my emotional and spiritual well-being. When I’m in a ‘bad place’, I can’t write. And when I can’t write, part of my reason for living is put on the back-burner. That, for me, is not good enough.

Bob, you sing it so well, my friend.

What else would I do? I don’t know – but I will find something. I can investigate ways to make money from writing. Any tips?

10 responses to “Enough!

  1. ha! I’m so glad that you don’t group me in with all those other “nancies” : )

    Our physical well being is defintely tied to our ability to be “authentic” to our unique selves. When we aren’t able to be “who we want to be,” it definitely takes its toll.

    Even if you can’t immediately switch full time to writing . . . what about working in a restaurant that is more oriented to food and less to booze?

  2. That’s my thinking, alright. Even in these so-called “dark times”, there is still work out there.

  3. You probably should change jobs James, but in the meantime stop trying to fix everyone that has a problem. You are only responsible for you. I was married to an alcoholic. For 27 years I tried to get him to stop drinking (I’m a slow learner!) I finally realized the addiction was his, not mine. My addiction was the need to control others. I can happily state we have been divorced for 11 years and I have stopped trying to orchestrate the lives of everyone I know. FREEDOM!

    Barbara Gunn

  4. It’s amazing how fast the word highways clear out when you decide to clear the junk. Consider yourself morally supported from the Texas Panhandle.

  5. Emily (Meems)

    Good on you, James!!!!! You’ve got moral support from Northern OK as well. You need to find a job that makes you happy..or at least not miserable, and I’ll be praying that happens soon. ((James))

  6. This is the year for the liberation of James!

    I feel like we should all be marching down a main street in the centre of town, behind you as you say this speech, with hoardes of people cheering from the foot paths.

    I hope you find somewhere to work that doesn’t involve booze. I like the coffee idea, go with that one. You can get annoyed by busy people in business wear instead.

  7. You can’t take the world on your shoulders, mate. I’ll bet for every wanker you serve there’s a guy coming in after a rough day just to have a little peace, a little come down who loves to see Jimbo behind the bar. I’m not saying that you should stay or go, just that I bet there’s some good that all the wanker vision is blotting out.

  8. You’re right, Ryan. The guy you talked about did come in…and told me to take a ‘chill pill.’ He’s right, of course.

    But I still need to do something to improve my situation. I’m going to start with cutting down on coffee when I’m working and see if that helps my mood.

  9. Emily (Meems)

    I’m with Renata. Let’s march! Jimbo, Jimbo Jimbo! 🙂

  10. the Johns. For God’s.

    James are you not confused it is “John of God” don’t ya know.
    Want a visit. Quiet and not wankers wanting drinks.

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