Help! I’ve been “bugged.”

So, I came down this morning, after another glorious eight-hours’ sleep. (In moderation, coffee may be good for your heart; but since when do I do anything in moderation?) I logged on, clicked to Facebook, and lo and behold – the configuration is all over the place. Nothing is where it should be.

And it’s not just Facebook, a lot of my other favourite sites are behaving badly. Could it be Java? I don’t know. I ran a scan but nothing showed up; at least nothing my AV software could find.

My Gmail is fine, except that I can’t access some of the links, especially the ones on Facebook. WEbook is fine, too, except for the powers-that-be changing the home page in favour of plugs for Agentinbox. Why do I bother!?!

So, if anyone can help me out here, I’d appreciate it.

3 responses to “Help! I’ve been “bugged.”

  1. The same thing happened to me. I just refreshed the page and it loaded correctly.

  2. I downloaded some free Defrag software and that appears to have done the trick. Thanks, Nancy 🙂

  3. What have you done to my BABY!!!

    Lets chat James.

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