Plot Outline for Script Frenzy Project, “The Aardvark and The Stone.”

Connor Bellew is the owner of The Irish Tribune, a national daily newspaper with the largest circulation in the country. He is an opinionated misogynist who has friends in very high places — and hates all of them. Bellew is a megalomaniac who wants to bring Ireland to its knees. Out to stop him is…

Robinson Stone, a former banker who has fallen on hard times. He and Bellew were once friends and are now mortal enemies. Bellew is playing Robinson, using their shared history for his own nefarious plans. But Robinson is fighting back, hoping to reclaim his good name and peace of mind. Accompanying him is his unofficial biographer…

Jimbo, a down-on-his-luck journalism student and recovering alcoholic, who hopes to tell — and sell — Robinson’s story and make it to the big time. He may well be out of his depth, but there’s no gain without risk. At least, that’s what Allie says.

Who’s Allie? Allie is an aardvark, and that’s all you need to know right now.

5 responses to “Plot Outline for Script Frenzy Project, “The Aardvark and The Stone.”

  1. Awesome!

    Allie, Allie, he’s our “man”
    If he can’t do it . . . Jimbo can.

    Jimbo, Jimbo, he’s our guy
    If he can’t do it . . . Stone will try.

    Stone, Stone, he’s the one
    And on the way . . . we’ll have some fun!

  2. Connor should meet my sleuth, Lysi Weston. Profession: Corporate trainer in the area of Sexual Harassment.

  3. Hey! Wake up!!!

    We need a new blog post here . . . it’s been over a month of Aardvarkian Days (and Nights) since your last post. : )

  4. When you say Connor Bellew is a misogynist, he immediately makes my hate list.

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