Now I can order online

Here wego!

I’m useless with money. Not other people’s money, just my own. If you asked me to mind money for you, I would guard it with my life. The amount wouldn’t matter. In fact, if you want me to become treasurer of whatever organisation you’re part of, I’m your man. I fear no audit. I am whiter than snow. I sleep well when it comes to other people’s money.

When it comes to my own I have nightmares.

I had a credit card once. I maxed it out within a week and spent the better part of three years paying it all off. Needless to say, I will not go near credit cards, not for a long time anyway.

The downside of this is my inability to order online. I used my brother’s card for a while, but that was an inconvenience for both of us. He urged me to try out Payzone. It’s a debit card I can use online, provided I have the necessary funds in the account.

The advantages are:

  1. I can now order books from, Barnes & Noble, Powells etc.
  2. I can top up my account by going into any shop that has a Payzone sign displayed.
  3. I can manage my account. If I have no funds, I can’t use it. I cannot, therefore, overspend.
  4. I can book concert tickets, train journeys and air flights.
  5. I can take it with me wherever I go and use it like an ATM card.
  6. I no longer have to inconvenience my brother.

So now I can top up and spend what I need to on products I should have bought the day they came out. That means if any of my writer friends have had books published, I can now buy them. Not all at once, though. One a week should do it.

After all, I’m not made of money, am I?

6 responses to “Payzoned!

  1. Excellent post, James.

    I have no problem with credit cards since I pay off the balance each month ~ I just use them so I don’t have to carry cash.

    But many people do “abuse” their cards . . . so this is a wonderful tip.

    Take Charge:

  2. Well- look who’s growing up!

  3. As my brother would say, it’s about bloody time I DID grow up.

  4. Interesting post. I read a piece that explained credit card problems this way. If you have a credit card balance of $1288. and you make the minimum payment of $26. a month and do not make any additional charges to the card, it will take you 11 years to pay off that balance and you will have paid an additional amount of $1145. making your grand total $2433. Imagine taking 11 years to pay off such a bill.

  5. Thanks for getting the word out James…I hate paypal. will have to try this one.

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