The Dark Tower Grabs Me

The Drawing of the Three: The Dark Tower Part Two

I don’t know what happened this time around; but I finished The Gunslinger over two feverish nights. I’ve been reading this way a lot recently. Joe Hill’s Heart-shaped Box and Justin Cronin’s The Passage were read in greedy, super-sized bites. As a result, I’ve lost a bit of sleep – but I’m not complaining. Plenty of time to sleep when you’re dead, right?

Anyway, on the third time of asking, Stephen King’s introduction to the world of Roland of Gilead caught me by the short and curlies, and wouldn’t let go until the last page was turned. When I was done with it, I wanted to know more. I had questions I wanted answered.

Who is Roland Dechain? Who or what is the Man in Black? Is he Marten, Walter o’ Dim, or both? What is the Drawing? What happened between Roland and Susan? Is Jake really dead? Fortunately for me, I had the next book, ready and waiting. I’ve started The Drawing of the Three, and already our hero is in a spot of bother. I see serious problems ahead, Roland thinks. So do I.

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