Aardvarkian FC

I can’t remember the last time I played Fantasy Football. I think it was well before the advent of the Interwebs, and I also think it cost me money – the price of a very expensive phone call. Now, with online gaming, I can take part for free. Free is a good price. I’ll do anything for free (but I won’t do that).

The English Premier League is running a competition where prizes can be won every week and month. Details can be found here.

For further advice on how to select your team, check out Tim Liew’s blog – it’s jam-packed with useful information. But you have to know what you’re doing. There’s a lot of pride at stake.

In a nutshell, here’s what Fantasy Football is all about. The “manager” is given a budget to spend on football players. In this instance, my budget is £100m and I’m to spend it on 15 individual players. There are conditions, though: I have to pick two goalkeepers, five defenders, five mid-fielders and three forwards (these are the guys who, theoretically, bang in the goals). I am allowed to pick no more than three players from any one club, I can’t pick players out of their position (I can’t, let’s say, pick a goalkeeper for a forward position), and I can’t go over-budget. With this in mind, I went and picked my team. They are:

  • Paul Robinson (Blackburn Rovers) Goalkeeper
  • Jose Reina (Liverpool) Goalkeeper
  • John Terry (Chelsea) Defender
  • Johnny Evans (Manchester United) Defender
  • Armand Traore (Arsenal) Defender
  • Stephen Carr (Birmingham City & Republic of Ireland) Defender
  • Richard Dunne (Aston Villa & Republic of Ireland) Defender
  • Darren Fletcher (Manchester United) Midfield
  • Steven Gerrard (Liverpool) Midfield
  • Steed Malbranque (Sunderland) Midfield
  • Adam Johnson (Manchester City) Midfield
  • Maxi Rodriguez (Liverpool) Midfield
  • Robbie Keane (Spurs & Republic of Ireland) Forward
  • Carlos Tevez (Manchester City) Forward
  • Bobby Zamora (Fulham) Forward.

I can play 11 of the 15 in any match, as long as I use a 4-4-2 formation (four defenders, four midfielders and two forwards – plus one goalkeeper). If your player scores a goal, you get points; if he keeps a clean sheet (no goals scored against him), you get points, too. If he assists in a goal, bingo – you get awarded points for that, as well. Hell, if he even plays a game, he’s awarded a point. Points are deducted when goals are scored against him or if he’s booked or sent off.

There are other ways to get points, but these are the basic ways. I have called my team Aardvarkian FC and I’ll be giving them a pep-talk soon.

The Premier League kicks off this weekend. Chelsea are the reigning champions; but my beloved Manchester United will do all in their power to get that trophy back. Let the battle commence. Come on you Reds! Come on you Aardvarkians!

6 responses to “Aardvarkian FC

  1. It’s not called “fantasy soccer”? 😉

  2. Not a bad team mate. Good luck.

  3. I’m rooting for the Manchester United team and for the Aardvarkians. Go Aardvarkians!

  4. And I quote: “I’ll do anything for free.”
    Now Really James!!!! ANYTHING, he screams loudly.

    As for the REDS. Which ones Red Sox, Red Birds, Red Legs?

    I personally like the Red Legs (slightly sunburned with a sauce of sunblock rating 2). Good on toast points with an avocado side salad.

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