On This Day…30 August

It’s another Monday, and another week has to be endured before we get to the weekend. I’ll try to wean you in gently with another one of my On This Day posts. Today is 30 August 2010, and on this day in…

1574 – Guru Ram Das became the Fourth Sikh Guru/Master. Nancy Hatch will no doubt know this, wouldn’t you, Nancy?

Why in heaven's name is Canberra the capital of Australia? Answers on a postcard to please to Aardvarkian Tales.

1835 – Melbourne, Australia is founded. I’ll take this moment to say hello to my Antipodean friends. You know who you are.

1918 – Fanny Kaplan shoots and seriously injures Bolshevik leader Vladimir Lenin. This, along with the assassination of Bolshevik senior official Moisei Uritsky days earlier, prompts the decree for Red Terror.

1967 – Thurgood Marshall is confirmed as the first African American Justice of the United States Supreme Court.

1984 – STS-41-D: The Space Shuttle Discovery takes off on its maiden voyage.

A very happy birthday to:

Isn't she lovely?

The very beautiful and very talented (even if Knight and Day sucked) Cameron Diaz is 38.

Former US Open winner, tennis star Andy Roddick is 28.

And Emily Bear, American child pianist and composer, is the venerable age of nine. Aww!

An actor I was quite fond of died this day in 1993, Richard Jordan. I didn’t know he was dead until many years later. I’ll leave you with this tribute. Until tomorrow, then…

8 responses to “On This Day…30 August

  1. Shamefully confess I’ve never heard of Richard Jordan …
    Have a good week, my friend.

    • Thank you, Cindy. You, too, my friend.

      FYI, Marcia Cross (Bree from “Desperate Housewives) was Jordan’s partner when he died of cancer. I remember him from the movie adaptation of Logan’s Run; as well as the ’80’s “flop” Raise The Titanic. I loved that film, though.

  2. I only know about the “Ram Dass” of more recent vintage . . . the college professor who wrote Remember, Be Here Now (probably while tripping on acid, and certainly while stoned):


  3. Why do you ask? : )

  4. “I’ve got one hand in my pocket . . . and the other is flashing a peace sign.”

  5. Patty Duke was fabulous…she made it look so easy back then and people missed what a truly wonderful actress she is.

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