The X Factor hits Dublin

The sensations of last year’s TV reality show The X Factor, Jedward, are on a roll. Not only have they a hit CD in the shops, John and Edward Grimes have signed a lucrative deal to take part in a panto in the Gaiety Theatre, Dublin, this Christmas.

They are also the stars in a TV3 documentary series that show them moving out of home and into a new apartment. Not bad for a pair of “talentless clowns.” It’s nice work if you can get it.

But Jedward are maestros compared to Temple Fire, four lads from Dublin who auditioned to take part in this year’s show. I heard about them through my girlfriend. Her son knows them. I’m in now way putting them down. They were obviously doing it for a laugh and they have more balls than most. One thing I will say, though, Westlife and Take That are safe for now.

One response to “The X Factor hits Dublin

  1. Awful. Wish the clip shared what Simon Says.

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