The Dark Tower: Mordred is a-hungry

Image: Thedarktowercom

The charming young gentleman pictured here is Mordred Deschain, may it do ya. He is the son of two fathers: Roland Deschain – The Gunslinger – and the Crimson King, The Dark Tower‘s “big bad.”

Mordred is a-hungry and he’s one scary creation. The time has nearly come for a showdown between son and father(s).

I have less than 180 pages to before I finish my seven volume journey into Stephen King’s epic. My friend Liz Czukas described it as thus: “You’re going to feel like you prepared for a marathon for two years, then ran it, and now you’re waking up the day after it’s done.”

I reckon Liz is correct. I’ve been preparing to read this monster of a saga for a long, long time. And now that my time in Mid-World is almost done, I feel I’m stretching out the end, milking every paragraph until it’s no longer possible to do so.

4 responses to “The Dark Tower: Mordred is a-hungry

  1. I remember reading the last of the series the same way. Hoping the ending would work for me… would work for the characters. Anxious to hear your take on how it winds up.

  2. Enjoy your reading, I’m on less entertaining stuff; editing a book on genocide 😦

  3. I used to love Stephen King, I still do. But I do find that I can only read so much before I start looking at the world in an unsettlingly different way. I stopped reading him when I had the kids. I can read gory murder novels, I know The Woman In Black by heart, I have an iron stomach for fear. But King, he strolls into your mindscape and leaves you uneasily entertained.

    Maybe I’ll pick him up again now though. Mordred looks a blast.

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