On This Day…7 September

The weather has taken a turn for the worst. Yesterday it rained twice. First for eight hours, then again for the remaining sixteen. I have Noah on speed-dial. He’s gathering the animals, I’m collecting welfare payments. See you in Waterworld, people.

On this day in…

1191 – Third Crusade: Battle of Arsuf – Richard I of England defeats Saladin at Arsuf.

SS Lusitania

1907 – Cunard Line’s RMS Lusitania sets sail on her maiden voyage from Liverpool, England to New York City.

1953 – Nikita Khrushchev is elected first secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. Does this mean he took minutes?

It was the brolly that killed poor Georgi 😦

1978 – While walking across Waterloo Bridge in London, Bulgarian dissident Georgi Markov is assassinated by Bulgarian secret police agent Francesco Giullino by means of a ricin pellet fired from in a specially-designed umbrella.

2008 – The US Government takes control of the two largest mortgage financing companies in the US, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

Happy birthday to:

Michael Emerson, Lost‘s Ben Linus, who is 56 today.

Marge and Julie

Chrissie Hynde, singer with The Pretenders and ex-wife of Simple Minds singer Jim Kerr, is 59.

Julie Kavner, the voice of Marge Simpson, is 60.

And the singer of the song that terrifies married men everywhere, Gloria Gaynor, is 61.

I don’t know about you, but I “will survive” if I never hear this song again.

5 responses to “On This Day…7 September

  1. *puts on heels and starts to sing* First I was afraid, I was petrified …
    Have a nice day James.

  2. “and so your back…from outer space”….lol That was a skate song?

  3. What a way with WaterWords: “Yesterday it rained twice. First for eight hours, then again for the remaining sixteen.” ; )

    Hope the rain stops before Allie floats away in the puddles.

    If the rain keeps up, just sing: “I Will Survive, as long as I know how to swim, I know I’ll stay alive.”

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