The Wednesday Whackjob: Taoiseach Brian Cowen

He likes a few pints, does our Taoiseach!

It says a lot about our country that a man can’t go about his business in peace. Such a man is Taoiseach Brian Cowen.

How dare we suggest that our Fearless and Feckless Leader can’t bugger off to Galway with a few of his mates and wile away the early hours of the morning with a bevy of pints and a good old-fashioned sing-song? Sure we’ve all done it ourselves, haven’t we? Let he who is without sin cast the first vote!

So what if he wants to stay up until 3am, drinking and partying with his government cronies, know full well he’s addressing the nation on Morning Ireland? We’ve all done it ourselves, haven’t we?

And so what if he sounded drunk or hungover in that broadcast? We’ve all been “under the weather” on a Monday morning; why should our Taoiseach be any different. If he and his goons want to have themselves a little “think-in” over a weekend and discuss ways to get themselves (and our country) out of the mess they’re (and we’re) now in, indulging in four course dinners and later bars while they’re at it, why the hell not? We’d all do it, if given the chance.

And so what if the common thinking is to round them all up, put them in a field and bomb the bastards? What do we know? We’re only the electorate. Let the Taoiseach and his government dig their holes so deep that not even a million beer kegs will get them out.

Mr. Cowen, you and your government are a disgrace to the national and international community. I’d say good riddance to you if I could; but I don’t trust whatever else is on offer.

4 responses to “The Wednesday Whackjob: Taoiseach Brian Cowen

  1. Perhaps he had a tee-shock?

  2. I went home the other evening, and searched for this on you tube to have a listen. For the first minute or two, I said to myself, well he does sound a bit hoarse, then there were a couple of bits where he was a bit unclear and I was saying to myself – yeah you could see where people would see the worst in that and think he was hungover etc. Then the interviewer started asking about declan ganley and Lisbon and I went WTF and realised that the interview was an old one freom a year ago.
    So it looks like the wonderful politicos and Joe Duffys of this country yet again have held us up for ridicule for the fact that out taoiseach does not have the best speaking voice in the world. For shame.
    He may not be the best but he wasn’t drunk for this interview, just his usual mumbling self – want proof – try saying economic tsunami after less than 5 hours sleep and a feed of pints and if you can say it as clearly as he did in this interview then you too can be taoiseach 🙂

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