Family Crest: McShane

The McShane family crest, c/o

His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI is in Edinburgh at the moment, trundling around in his Pope-mobile, waving to the crowd from behind bulletproof glass. He’s wearing a tartan scarf specially created for him for this occasion.

I want a tartan scarf, and I’m sure you want one, too. I want one that reflects my family name, McShane. So that got me thinking about my heritage.

I Googled “family crests”, found, entered “McShane” and came out with the crest at the top of this post. It’s nice, isn’t it? It’s all green and gold, colours that signify generosity and hope. Our coat of arms came into existence centuries ago and now I’m find myself wondering about my lineage.

Maybe I shall investigate this further.

The McShane Tartan, c/o

Similarly I Googled “tartan scarves” and found I entered my family name and came up with a fetching little number, pictured here at the right.

Once again, green and gold are highlighted: generosity and hope. Well, I hope I’m generous.

Maybe I’ll get myself a kilt next. Herself seems to like kilts; though with my hairy legs, I’d perhaps be better off hiding them.

5 responses to “Family Crest: McShane

  1. Very nice crest, I want one too!

  2. I’m of the Clan McKintosh ~ “Touch Not The Cat Bod A Glove!”

    Love your tartan. And don’t worry about hairy legs, your stockings and garter come up to the knee and practically meet the hem of your kilt. Unless you start dancing abut!

  3. Generosity and Hope, huh?
    Excellent qualities in a man.
    Also, any man who is willing, game or even thinking about wearing a kilt is welcome in my house, James.
    I must be one of the few who find it sexy. Especially when it’s coupled with that amazing accent.
    Just thought you should know.


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