Lindsay Lohan – Who Gives A S**T!

Lindsay back in Porridge (Image:

So Lindsay Lohan finds herself back behind bars again this evening. Am I surprised? Not a jot.

I’ve just watched an interview with her father outside the courthouse, care of Sky News, and I’m as appalled as he is; though not for the same reasons. Without giving Ms. Lohan more publicity than she deserves, I want to make a few things clear.

First, Ms. Lohan is privileged and talented. With time and space, she can make something good come out of all this. Her father is not helping. He blames her friends, the media and the bad choices his daughter continues to make. But he does not blame Ms. Lohan.

Second, whether you agree with me or not, addicts have a choice: to use or not to use. This is not a Shakespearean tragedy unfolding here. Ms. Lohan chooses to use drugs for whatever reason she deems fit, even at the expense of her own freedom. You read that correctly: Ms. Lohan chooses to abuse drugs. Where her father blames those choices, he fails to accuse the person who made them.

Third, people get tired of the same old shit. Most folk want others to recover from whatever addiction inflicts them. I know this because I’m a recovering addict. I couldn’t have got to where I am without the support of others. But that support only goes so far. If an addict keeps falling off the wagon and continues to use or drink, they will be left behind by those that once cared.

Ms. Lohan, like George Michael and other “celebrity” addicts, are in the Last Chance Saloon. Clean up – or use. Your choice. It has always been your choice.

I’ll say no more.

7 responses to “Lindsay Lohan – Who Gives A S**T!

  1. Agreed. She, and others like Ms. Hilton, have (it appears–I can’t really speak for how they think, only how they act) the opinion that everything wrong in their lives is the fault of someone else. It would be nice to have the kind of money that makes that possible, but not so nice to fall into that trap.

  2. Your title is perfect. 😉

  3. It’s all about locus of control, isn’t it? The world is divided into those who take reponsibility for what they do, and those who don’t. And they’re everywhere, the ones who don’t.
    Just sometimes someone who doesn’t becomes someone who does, and that’s a fabulous day, that is.
    Sorry. A lot of do’s and don’ts.

  4. Absolutely, but even more to my constant point, WHY IS IT ANY OF MY OR ANYBODY ELSE’S BUSINESS ANYWAY????

    Yes – everything we say or do is our choice, but the deeper we get ourselves into addiction holes, the more difficult it becomes to make the choice to climb out. Your own choice addiction starts making the choices for you – but there is still nowhere else to go but to yourself to make the next step either way – in deeper or out dry. I didn’t see the report you are speaking of, but when her father points to the choices she has made, isn’t that pointing as well to the chooser? Maybe not – in any event, I am certainly no apologist for LL and her ilk. Sad example of people who see no rhyme or reason to life and living but self-gratification. Wish they could figure out there is so much more. Good post, and I agree with Nancy! 😀

  5. I’m glad this came from you, James. I think thats the whole worlds problem right now. Nobody wants to step on anyones toes… they find something to blame it on. YOU are responsible for your choices. DON”T even get me start on the stupid sh*t that runs from the cops. When your at that point your caught. Give up or get Tazed or shot or what ever the cops have to supdue you. That is what they do!

  6. Thank you James! Nobody is responsible for a life except the person living it!! People need to grow up!!!

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