Time To Move On

My girlfriend and I broke up last night, just three hours after I updated my Facebook status to read, “My girlfriend is beautiful.” In truth she is — beautiful, but no longer my girlfriend.

I’m not going to share all the details; it wouldn’t be gentlemanly of me to do so. Suffice to say the writing’s been on the wall for a couple of months now. In the end, Mary couldn’t see herself spending the rest of her life with me. If I’m to be honest, I didn’t think I could either.

She’s a great woman, but after a year together, she knew enough to know that while she loves me, she is not in love with me. That’s fair enough. I’m sad and disappointed, but I’m not heartbroken or distraught. We gave it our best shot, but it wasn’t enough.

We had a fundamental difference. I don’t drink; Mary does (but not to excess). I don’t believe Mary sees herself with a non-drinker. I’m not sure if being with a drinker is the way forward for me anyway.

Sad but not broken-hearted

Yes, I’m putting a positive spin on this. It’s the only way to move on. I thanked her for a wonderful year, a year I don’t regret, I wished her well and let her know that I’m always around if she needs me.

I love her to bits. I always will. But it’s time for me to dust myself off and take some time-out. I’ve stuff that needs to get done (like a novel revision, for instance) and now I’ve the time to do it.

Onwards and upwards, I say.

Thank you for reading.

21 responses to “Time To Move On

  1. Aww . . . I so wanted you to live happily ever after with Mary.
    But your optimism is contagious!

    Onwards and Upwards!

  2. Peace and love be with you both.

  3. I won’t give you a lot of platitudes, Aardie. First or all, you sound like you are in a very good place (I hope it’s not all a pretense!), and secondly, there is nothing quite so maddening as a platitude when you are on the receiving end of one! Suffice it to say that you will come out of all this stronger, happier and wiser. Can’t say when all that will happen, but it seems you are already well on your way!

    I pray for you all the very best. As you have become in a short time one of my very favorite blog-friends, you are thought of frequently and fondly. Take good care of you, and let God do the Lion’s share of it!

  4. You’ve got the right attitude and that is very admirable. I wish you peace and love in the future.

  5. Sorry to hear about this, James. Hopefully, despite the pain, it will turn out to be for the best.

  6. Who leaves an Aardvark? I ask you?
    Well, we’re all still here. And if your cyberpersona is anything to go by, that novel revision is a must, James. Maybe that powerful matron,Posterity, took a good long look at Aardvarkian and decided: this one’s mine, but I need him to myself for a while. Booker Winners don’t get where they are today by canoodling with floozies, she added (in my over-active imagination).
    Once again I am rambling. If the nights get tough, log on and, like Thackeray, write for your life:-)

  7. Onward and upward for sure. God love you, James, for he certainly knows we all do. 🙂

    C xx

  8. This reminded me of George Harrison, stunningly kind and gentlemanly. I doubt I’ll ever understand the ways of the heart. *hugs*

  9. Aw, I’m sorry, aardie, hugs hey?

  10. oh dear…Sorry Jimbo….there is one out there I’m sure of it. One that likes blue Aardvarks and everything else you have to offer….and they will be a better person for it too…..*hugs my friend

  11. You will both find what you need in life. Sorry it ended for you, but you have a good attitude and that will take you far. Cheers.

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