Interview with the Muppet Elmo

Browsing through earlier today, I found a lovely item that brought a touch of joy to my Monday. Fresh from his “controversial” duet with Katy Perry (and I saw no harm in it: Katy is Katy; Elmo is Elmo), Sesame Street used Google Moderator to sort through fans’ questions for Elmo, and then set up a YouTube interview with the furry little guy.

Elmo of Sesame Street (Image:

The resulting 20-minute interview is both adorable and touching, and it has accumulated more than 3.5 million views over the weekend.

Questions were asked by kids and adults alike, and they included standards like “What’s your favorite food?” along with “How do you actually get to Sesame Street?” and serious ones like, “How do you keep from getting sad when your daddy is away?”

I loved it.

8 responses to “Interview with the Muppet Elmo

  1. You’ve got to wonder what those guys smoke before they write this stuff. It’s always funny and cute and my grandchildren and children love it. But in order to get that deep into the thinking of a child is really hard and HAS to require some kind of mind expansion! LOL!

  2. Thanks so much, Aardie I love Elmo! This was so much fun to watch and give me the needed lift after struggling with a particularly difficult rewrite! This was great!

  3. 3.5 million views over the weekend!
    Wow . . . Elmo is a super-star, and he’s cute as a button!

  4. Sesame Street has been my all time favourite for so long…this is classic, priceless Street, Thankyou James.
    Hope they do the Cookie Monster next….

  5. But not before downing the cookies in his own inimitable way…

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