National Poetry Day: My Contribution

I coughed, I wheezed.

I ached, I sneezed.

My fever, it brought me to hell.

But along came O’Casey,

His play oh so pacey,

And his brilliance my misery did quell.

11 responses to “National Poetry Day: My Contribution

  1. cute James….but off to bed with you….you Need to get better:)

  2. You make me smile. Cheers to Poetry!

  3. You’ve a bit of the bard in ye, eh, lad?

  4. [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[JAMES]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]
    You’ve inspired me –

    ‘Off to bed
    To sooth your head
    It could help it all to fade
    If only you got laid…’

    Naughty, naughty, Andi…


  5. Get a cyberroom, you two! LOL

    Lovely to have your cheeky Dublin face emerging from the duvet at last James. And it appears you are attracting a host of supremely talented blogging poets to the honeypot that is Aardvarkian.

    What an illustrious recovery:-)

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