If It’s Too Good To Be True…

…it usually is.

We’ve all heard this aphorism, haven’t we? Someone or something (usually a network or energy provider) promises you the sun, moon and stars if you sign on the dotted line. But all you find at the end is you’ve sold your soul for a white elephant and nothing much has changed.

Consider air fares. Ireland’s national airline, Aer Lingus, is advertising cheap flights across its European network. I can, if I wish, travel to Paris one-way for €29.99. Great! But how much is it going to cost me to come back?  And how much extra will I have to pay?

The latest information from their website tells me that a weekend break in Paris will cost to the tune of €140 and rising. This is mainly down to what they don’t and won’t tell you – until it’s too late.

Fascinating Aida is a British comedy and music act, a trio of very talented ladies whose brand of humour has won them many fans and awards. I recently came across a video recording of exactly how they feel about this air-fare rip-0ff. It’s amazing how much truth there is in comedy.

10 responses to “If It’s Too Good To Be True…

  1. They’ll getcha if you’re not watchin’
    Oh, and loved the girls. Funny stuff.

  2. This is great.

    And feckin’ true. 8)

  3. hehehe … bunch of sharks airlines are!

  4. loving that clip – never heard of them before, but very good indeed!

  5. Picturing all the passengers jumping is going to keep me laughing today!! Thanks James!!

  6. Very funny, especially the feck feckity feck bit, because that’s how I cope with people like that too.
    Cheers James:-)

  7. Airlines really sock it to your pocketbook these days. An extra piece of luggage costs big bucks as do snacks, blankets, pillows, movies and drinks.

  8. haha, thanks for sharing

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