The Name of The Rose, and Other Stories.

The Name of The Rose, starring Sean Connery

I was looking through the weekend’s TV listings before heading into work last Saturday, just to make sure I wasn’t missing out on any nuggets. My DVR was preprogrammed to record my current favourites: Merlin on the BBC, Downton Abbey on ITV. Usually a movie appears from out of left field, showing at some ungodly hour of the night or morning.

I whooped with joy when I saw that RTE Two had Sean Connery’s movie, The Name of the Rose, showing at ten after midnight Sunday night, Monday morning. It’s been a long time since I’d this little-seen gem: a medieval murder mystery, based on the novel by Umberto Eco.

Connery and Slater as William of Baskerville and Adso of Melk

Now, I’ve tried reading Eco’s philosophical detective novel. I picked it up after first seeing the movie. I put it down after only getting through fifty or so pages of it. Last year I picked up a different copy and I got further. A bookmark nestles at page 102. I’ll finish it some day. I promise.

But it’s a classic Connery movie. To most, he is James Bond. To me, he is 007 and much, much more. An Oscar winner for The Untouchables, Connery brings his distinctive voice to all types of characters, usually without diluting his Scottish accent. He’s played Spanish, Irish, Russian and English – all in Scottish. That’s why we love him.

Anyway, back to The Name of the Rose. I preset my DVR and away to work I went. I mentioned to some customers that it was on later and I was really looking forward to seeing it again.

Needless to say, when I came back home, I found that my DVR failed to pick it up. It was on the TV all right, but it didn’t record. Damn you, UPC! Everything else recorded except the one thing that wasn’t going to be repeated later on in the week. I don’t pay my bill on time for service like this.

Sir Alec Guinness as George Smiley in "Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy".

I made it my Monday mission to hunt down a copy – but to no avail. HMV didn’t stock it, Tower Records never heard of it, and my local Xtravision proved equally fruitless. There was nothing else to do but go online. Hello! I ordered a copy, along with two other gems from TV times gone by.

The BBC adapted two of John Le Carre’s novels in the late 70s and early 80s: Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy and Smiley’s People, with the late Sir Alec Guinness as spymaster George Smiley. I remember being gripped by their complexity when I was a wee nipper. Unlike Eco, I read both novels after viewing the TV adaptations. Le Carre is a better writer of spy thrillers that Ian Fleming, but that’s my opinion.

So why did I rush out and order a copy of a movie my machine couldn’t record? The answer is, like me, simple. I have no patience. It will be a long time before TNOTR comes on TV again. I want to see it – and I want to see it now.

But I have to wait two weeks.

11 responses to “The Name of The Rose, and Other Stories.

  1. Now your talking…I can watch anything with Sean…*sigh:)

  2. Sean Connery did an excellent Russian accent (in Scottish) in The Hunt For Red October. He has one of the best movie voices EVER!

    Glad you were able to track down a copy. Enjoy.

  3. I think ITNOTR is Connery’s best movie, but that’s just me saying … seeing as I’ve never watched a James bond film.

  4. Why slave to record it, when you can own it for all time? I never wait either, and The Name Of The Rose is one I would go straight out to get. Coincidentally, I remember staring the book too, but like so much else in my like I simply can’t remember finishing it….

    Your taste in Connery is very like Phils:-)

  5. Which 007 was Sean Connery?

    No, no, just joking!
    I swear, hearing that man say, “Bond, James Bond.” Makes me weak in the knees.
    Also, I need not remind ANYONE that he is Scottish (so he has that AMAZING accent) and on ocassion has been known to wear a –


    I'm moving to Scotland.


  6. Two of my faves as well. I wish I could figure out the recorder thingy on my television. No, probably not a good thing. I would never get any writing done as I am a movie addict. All I need is another excuse not to sit down and finish that chapter. LOL

  7. Looks like I will be searching it out on netflix – can’t pass up a good Connery!

  8. I haven’t seen ITNOTR but I know it must be a great film because Connery is one of those actors that one goes to see in a movie simply because he is in it. It doesn’t seem to matter what the story is about, he always makes it a fabulous see.

  9. It’s a pity that his last movie (that is, should he not make any more) was the execrable “The Avengers”. Not even the wonderful Sean could save that turkey 😦

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