NaNoWriMo 2010: Preparation Update

There are seven more days to go before the madness known as National Novel Writing Month begins. That means there is exactly one week to get that outline fine-tuned, those characters fleshed out and your plot in working order.

So, no pressure there.

As I mentioned previously, I didn’t fully commit to last year’s competition because of lack of preparation. I felt I could write on the fly and see what happened. Well, not getting further than 12,000 words is what happened. This year I have promised myself (and others) not to fail. I cannot allow this to happen. Barring natural disasters or circumstances completely beyond my control, I will write a minimum of 1,700 words a day, every day for the month of November.

This time I’m prepared. My story has been in my head for nearly a month and now my outline suggests I’m good to go. I have – unlike last year – a beginning, a middle and an end. I have my characters named and their motivations worked out.

The Main Players

Tim “Bucktooth” Fanning: 22, five nine, 160 pounds, round face with close-cut blonde hair. He likes wearing hooded tops and denim jeans, sports an earring in his left lobe, and has tattoos on each shoulder; one supporting Manchester United, the other Celtic FC. He has blue eyes, is state educated and is angry – a lot. His parents are Robert and Marie and he lives in an inner city Dublin housing estate. Single and unemployed, he likes soccer, GAA kick-boxing and WWF. His best friend in the world is Lester Drumm and together they go to rock concerts; though Bucktooth’s secret passion is the music of Leonard Cohen.

At the beginning of the story he’s looking for some work to pay for anger management therapy, and that’s where the plot kicks off. If I say anymore I’ll be in danger of spoiling how he progresses through the novel. Needless to say he changes – but not too much that it becomes ridiculous.

Valerie D’estang is a 20-year-old Parisienne and becomes Tim’s kind of love interest. She meets him while having her photograph taken at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. This will be my novel’s first major set-piece. It will involve her father, Nikolas, a journalist with AFP, who’s also in league with the major villains of Bucktooth, the clandestine organisation known as FILTH, controlled by the mysterious Mr. Sandross.

Tracking Tim’s every move, unwilling to help when he runs into trouble, is the equally shadowy MeerLin Corporation, a philanthropic organisation with headquarters in Dublin. Are they a force for good or evil, or are they somewhere in between?

Supporting Cast

Charles Formly: CEO, MeerLin Corporation.

Frank Lord: Chief of Ops, MeerLin Corporation.

Deandra Rimes, Security Chief, MeerLin Corporation.

Dicky Boyes, Press Officer, Meerlin Corporation.

Mr. Sandross, CEO, FILTH.

Dieter Hassberger, Security Chief, FILTH.

Frau Kessler, Mr. Sandross’ Personal Assistant.

Georges Matelot, UN Representative, Geneva.

Various goons, minions and henchmen.

The Locations

Dublin – Berlin – Athens – Geneva – Paris – London – Dublin (again)

The Plot

It involves a powerful historical artifact, a group of Neo-Nazis, some Chinese assassins, a little bit of sight-seeing, fights in airport lounges and a man who may or may not know who killed Pope John Paul I in 1978.

I have this and much more besides, ready to go for this day week.

How is your own preparation going?

19 responses to “NaNoWriMo 2010: Preparation Update

  1. How is my prep going? Erm. I have a title.
    Actually I’ve been outlining chapters. I’ve also been telling the tale to a few people. I find if I attempt to tell it A – Z, each time I do, more of the story is born before my eyes… and I find this odd. It used to be if I told the story I no longer cared to write it. I already knew the answer.
    My, how times change.
    Go, NaNo!

  2. I have my ending. I even have my last line. YAY for outlines!

  3. Hey James – Sounds VERY exciting!!! Mine is ready to go too. What’s your username? Want to be NaNo buddies???? My is historian40.

  4. Wow, I have my premise but I’m having a hard time figuring out what will happen. October has swamped me with all sorts of other things to worry about. Mines a mystery thriller that mixes modern day and ancient Egypt through an unusual piece of jewelery.

  5. Write on!!!

    Good luck to you and Bucktooth.

  6. Looks as though all your ducks are in the right rows, best of luck.

  7. DEFCON 3, James. Everyone on standby.

  8. Um, what prep?
    I’m not participating (thank GOD!!) but I’m wearing my leather & lace cheerleading outfit, thigh high boots and Chanel perfume, cheering everyone on!!

    GO JAMES!!!




  9. Cool, hätte nicht gedacht dass das so gut wird wie bei euch

  10. sounds great James. I am a short writer….so Nano is not for me. BUT I wish you all the best ….keep those creative juices flowing:)

  11. Of course you can James!
    You and Allie are most welcome in my humble (albeit fabulous) abode!
    I don’t need to remind you about a very important piece of clothing, now do I?


  12. Sounds very cool! Can’t wait.

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