Snow Joke :-(

The national broadcaster is having a laugh at the licence fee payers’ expense. As part of its schedule, in the wee small hours of tomorrow morning, the mandarins of Donnybrook are showing the movie Summer Holiday, starring Cliff Fucking Richard.

I want to shoot someone, preferably Cathal Goan.

Cliff Fucking Richard

6 responses to “Snow Joke :-(

  1. A. Where have you been?
    B. I love the snow. . .where did you get it and how can I add it?
    C. ClifffRichard, hmmm?

  2. Hi Paula. I was busy with NaNoWriMo last month, as well as other stuff going on with life and such stuff. Anyway, I’m back and ready for action.

    To get snow on your blog, just go to your Dashboard –> Appearances –> Extras –> click on snow.

  3. nice touch…although it’s a little flakey…lol

  4. Wonder if the snow will get thicker and turn into a blizzard???

    Welcome back!

  5. Do you know, I never knew that was his stage name. You have taught me something new. Now I’m off to share it with Mother Superior.

    Welcome back. How many words now? Finished yet?

  6. Poor, poor James.
    I COMPLETEY share your sentiments about Cliff Fucking Richard.
    My mother (bless her and her love of music) called him a ‘crooner’ and was forever playing his songs.

    I once asked my father (while I was slightly intoxicated after a party) who was killing a cat. My mother didn’t think it was very funny but it did cut down the ‘crooning’ for a bit.

    Nice snow effect and I’m glad that you are back!
    Missed you last month!


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