The Pinkie Promise (via Miss Amy Says)

My friend on Facebook, Amy Goudy, posted this poignant piece on her blog, “Miss Amy Says”. I felt I had to share it with the rest of you. Thanks.

The Pinkie Promise She told me she wanted to die. How does that happen? How does your 12-year-old baby girl, the reason for your existence, the hope for your future, curly up in your arms and tell you “Mommy, I just want to die!” And when you respond, “Baby, you can’t leave me.” She says  “Just come with me, we can do it together and go be with the grandmas” My daughter, I call her Chikin, has diabetes. If you were to ask her, she will tell you she is a Diabetic bu … Read More

via Miss Amy Says

2 responses to “The Pinkie Promise (via Miss Amy Says)

  1. I left a comment to Miss Amy on her blog. Thank you for sharing this poignant blog post with the rest of us.

  2. I did too.
    Thanks, James.

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