100 Words, 100 Days: Day 5. On Mourning.

The world mourns this weekend – for two reasons, mainly. The awful events in Oslo last Friday understandably take precedence over much else that has happened. But try telling this to an Amy Winehouse fan. (I could take or leave her music personally.) They might feel their grief is more palpable because in twenty or so years time, she will be remembered in much the same way that Morrison, Joplin and Cobain are remembered: as cultural icons whose deaths are more than mere news events.

Both events stunned me, but for different reasons. It’s about perspective. I feel loss on both counts.

8 responses to “100 Words, 100 Days: Day 5. On Mourning.

  1. Any type of death, is a sad thing. What upsets me, though Amy’s music wasn’t not my cup of tea, are the people out there, in Twitter for example, who have commented her death was not as “tragic” as the ones in Oslo. A loss, is a loss and those people need to learn some compassion. Oh yeah, another druggie musician died…blah blah, that’s how they see it, as if Amy purposely did this to herself, when anyone who has been an addict of any kind at one time can tell you, that no, you don’t just do it to yoursefl…

  2. Pedantic writer alert: I didn’t meant to write a double negative lol

  3. It seams that death has come in 2’s lately….weather it is for us to reflect or to keep in check those emotions of the internet…this flash mob of feelings can unite a cause, which can be good but also can be very bad for those on the opposite view.

  4. It’s funny, I felt a huge sense of loss at the news of Amy Winehouse. A life utterly ruined, ending in sadness, confusion and despair. It’s a story which ended in such tragedy.
    Oslo…words fail me.

  5. Aileen Magrane

    It’s conjured up a lot of difficult memories for me, especially the loneliness of the addict, dying alone and being found by your bodyguard is about as lonely as it gets. As you know I`ve been through addiction personally and watch my sister die through same…..compassion is the word that keeps springing to mind. Don’t know what else to say really….

  6. Thank you for your comments, one and all.

  7. I am very sad 😦

  8. she was the real thing

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