100 Words, 100 Days: Day 7. On Sense of Humour Failure.

This guy came into the pub this morning and asked me a question I’ve been dying to answer in a certain way.

“Excuse me, bud, do you serve a sandwich?”

To which I reply, “As long as it’s over 18-years-old and has some sort of ID, I’ll serve anyone and anything.”

To which he replies, “Are you trying to be smart?”

To which I reply, “I don’t have to try.”

It would be nice if people, when they’re leaving their house or flat, could bring a sense of humour with them. It’s as valuable to life as food and water.

8 responses to “100 Words, 100 Days: Day 7. On Sense of Humour Failure.

  1. Clever, sir, I’d have laughed and then probably have tried to set you up again.

  2. A fellow wiseacre, I see. I like that. I like that a lot.
    We owned a small pool room for several years. I loved messing with customers in this manner. A young man came in wearing a T shirt with the message “I’m invisible”. When he asked for a Coke, I ignored him. He didn’t get it. After several attempts with the same result he turned to leave.
    I stopped him and explained: You’re wearing a shirt that says “I’m Invisible.”
    He laughed and said: I get it. Can I get a Coke?
    I ignored him.
    He didn’t get it.

  3. In the pool room I had a display called “Your Daily Dose”. It was little more than an excuse for me to post wiseass remarks and then wait for reactions from my customers. One Dose read: “Be alert. The world needs more lerts”. A young man came in, read it and said: What’s a lert? I said: You don’t have to worry about it. He said: Cool!

  4. Today, as well, another guy comes in and asks for a toasted sandwich. We don’t have a toaster (shame on us), so I said we’d serve up a plain sandwich. He asked what a plain sandwich was. I said it was one that’s not toasted.

    He didn’t get it either.

  5. Sometimes it is just TOO easy!

  6. It’s a mistake to take life too seriously . . . we never get out of it alive.
    Even if we are a lert. 😉

  7. I would have laughed.

  8. well when a man walks INTO a bar…you gotta laugh:)

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