100 Words, 100 Days: Day 17. On Inspiration.

A writer will take inspiration from whatever means are available, consciously or unconsciously. Yesterday afternoon I took a power nap. While I was in the zone of Not-Quite-Asleep-But-Not-Quite-Awake, I had an image of a fresh character.

Well, not so much an image but rather a name. I’m not going to share it just yet as this character gestates slowly but surely within the womb of my imagination.

The previous day I bought a journal for moments just like this. As soon as I was able, I wrote this name down, as well as the characters possible relation to my W.I.P.


7 responses to “100 Words, 100 Days: Day 17. On Inspiration.

  1. I’m so very glad for you.

  2. Tip of the hat to anyone who can wake up, write down an idea, and go back to sleep–and still be able to read it when fully awake. That’s gotta be a SUPER POWER!

  3. I love when some writing idea—character, scene, clue—seems to pop into my mind from nowhere. I suspect my unconscious has been working when this happens.

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  5. I have dreamed I wrote it down and the morning it wasn’t there….now that’s frustrating…lol

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