100 Days, 100 Words: Day 18. On Inspiration – A Room Of One’s Own

So once I had my moment of inspiration, the next thing I had to do was work on it. Like most of us I have to deal with distractions, external and internal. External distractions can easily be dealt with. I go somewhere quiet.

Like writers from centuries past, I’m lucky to have a place I call my own. All I need do is turn off the television, log off the Internet and switch off my phone.

Wait – Dickens, Thackery and Swift never had these distractions, did they? No, they didn’t. But they did have a place where they could write.

5 responses to “100 Days, 100 Words: Day 18. On Inspiration – A Room Of One’s Own

  1. One can write anywhere. At least this one can. I’ve written some pretty good poetry while driving down the freeway at 70mph. Of course, it was illegible.

  2. Yup, Austen and Dickens had it easy!

    No phone calls to interrupt the train of their thought. No distracting music blaring from stereos or television sets. No planes to catch, cars to maintain, or bicycles to ride. No cyber-space for surfing.

    No toilets to flush. No microwaves for speedy snacks. No hot water piped in for bathing. No laundry facilities. No word processors or computers to speed revisions.

    It’s a wash. 😉

  3. One day, before I die, I want to take a drive with Wayne and his poetry.
    (Just before I die, possibly)
    Writing is fine until you have kids, and then its a blurry disaster because there’s NOWHERE that’s your own, not even your writing place, and pens and laptops and iPads go missing and you’ve just got a good train of thought going and then someone says Mum can I bake cake/practice my cricket bowling/create a shopping centre entirely our of toilet rolls/rehearse an improvised play with a (frankly) tenuous plot.
    If I ever get famous I’m hiring a Nanny.

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