100 Words, 100 Days: Day 24. On Moving Ahead.

An email from a great and respected friend only confirmed what I already knew. The apparent success of these mini-blogs has inspired me to go one step further.

From next week, as well as continuing my 100 Words, 100 Days project, I shall begin a new series tentatively titled Adventures in Writing. I look forward to the challenge of putting down my own views on the creative process that has fascinated me from a very young age.

I have some set ideas to start off the series, but where it eventually leads to, I have no real clue. Let’s see, shall we?


12 responses to “100 Words, 100 Days: Day 24. On Moving Ahead.

  1. I suspect we are off on another adventure my dear James, but I really do miss the Aardvark….any chance he will give his 2 cents?

  2. How about “Proof-reading” as a start?!

    (Unless you really meant “Adventured”.) In which case how about “Ignoring the critics!”?

  3. Good show! Will eagerly await your new series!

  4. Enjoy the journey as the path unfold before you. And us.

  5. Good luck on the expansion, sir!

  6. Adventures in writing sounds like a fascinating title. I’ll be checking out your posts.

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