100 Days, 100 Words: Day 31. On Facebook Friends.

I love my Facebook friends. They understand me better, I think. As most of them are writers, bloggers, artists, and experts in their own fields, I get a sense of community that far outweighs the one I have at home. This in no way demeans the one-to-one relationships I cherish in the so-called real world; these are as vital to me as food and water. It’s just that the world of Facebook offers me a place where I can truly be myself, without recrimination. If you understand what I’m saying then it’s possible you feel the same way. Or not.


8 responses to “100 Days, 100 Words: Day 31. On Facebook Friends.

  1. We love you too, man. And, yes, I speak for all of us.

  2. Aw shucks! **dips head and scuffs at dirt with bare toe**

  3. I’ve always found it ironic. People have predicted for years that technology would drive us apart, would cost us our relationships. I’m with you on this, James, but I would expand it from FB to cover many other worlds. WEbook.com brought many of us together, once upon a time. I’m now playing in a place called VoicesinSpace.com, and once again making new friends.

    We can now reach so much further than just down the block. Thanks for reminding me of this wonderful opportunity to connect.

  4. Love you too Honey *heart*

  5. right on brother, from another mother:) (ah where did that come from? lol)

  6. Yup, and your FB friends never catch you with spinach in your teeth . . . except on Skype. 😆

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