100 Words, 100 Days: Day 46. On Septembers.

The ninth month of the year brings with it many treasures. A return to normality, for one: with schools reopening, gridlock once again becomes a feature of early morning traffic. The longest-running television chat show The Late Late Show, hosted by Ryan ‘Ding Dong’ Tubridy, leaps back to our screens on Friday evenings.

There is a chill in the air and the nights draw in slowly but surely. Vampires get to head out earlier and stay out later. But for me, September means one thing: my television licence is up for renewal. Someone has to pay Tubridy’s salary I suppose.


4 responses to “100 Words, 100 Days: Day 46. On Septembers.

  1. Feck! I intended to schedule this. I hit publish instead. My secret is out now 😦

  2. Welcome to the quick-fingers club. I’ve done this more times than I like to admit.

    Erm. Wait a minute. Television license?

    • Yup. Once a year every household that has a TV pays a licence fee of €160 to the government. Our national station, RTE, uses this money to buy imports, make crappy reality TV shows, sub-standard drama and comedy shows and to pay the fat cats their salaries. As well as this, they get revenue from advertising.

  3. September brings the new seasons for my favorite TV programs: CSI, Criminal Minds, Bluebloods and Law and Order. See why I write mysteries?

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