100 Words, 100 Days: Day 46.2 On Nationalism.

We love him despite his unique looks.

Wayne Rooney plays for Manchester United, a soccer team with plenty of Irish support. To us ManYoo fans, Rooney can do no wrong. He finds the net on a regular basis.

Steven Gerrard is a Liverpool player. To fans worldwide, he is the heart and soul of the team. Likewise with John Terry and Frank Lampard. Irish supporters of Chelsea FC know their team depends heavily on these lions of football.

But put an England shirt on any of these players and Ireland bays for blood. It seems ironic that these men are both heroes and villains to the same set of supporters.



3 responses to “100 Words, 100 Days: Day 46.2 On Nationalism.

  1. James, whilt that might be a thought to puzzle for Sport, it is a font of value for you–and us all–as writers. How easy a person goes from hero to villain, and sometimes back again, based upon circumstance and need. Look at Russia, Germany and Japan, all at one time great enemies, but now, for financial reasons (mostly), best friends.

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  3. James, its a unique Irish thing,its like all my fellow countrymen have a permanent chip on their shoulders about anything British/English( when it comes to wearing or playing for their national team) ..

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