100 Words, 100 Days: Day 48. On Money.

Money makes the world go around but it can’t buy me love. If you want to pass through the gates of Heaven, you’d better be dressed as a camel, because if you’re a rich man, the Big Bouncer will not let you in. Which is very unfair on those people who are rich in both material goods and the spirit of generosity.

If I was a rich man (no singing at the back, please), I’d buy a Lear Jet and a camel suit. Oh and my own publishing house, so my writer friends and could live in the lap of luxury.


6 responses to “100 Words, 100 Days: Day 48. On Money.

  1. OMG!!!
    Sorry darling, but –
    pfft!!! HAHAHA!!!

    Ahem, ok, I’m over myself now…
    I have one tiny question for you – are you SURE money can’t buy love?

    There are plenty of people out there (most of who are standing on street corners) who will disagree with you on that one…


  2. If you would have me I’d publish with you in a minute, sir.

  3. Hmmmm…..reminds me of a poem that I shall post on my wall. By the way, love makes the world go ’round. Money just makes the rotation smoother.

  4. I had to stop reading at “if I were a rich man”, I just couldn’t resist!!

  5. On the other hand, there are four fingers and a thumb.

  6. Oh James…you mashed this one quite well….I think even God would of smiled:)

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