100 Words, 100 Days: Day 53. On The Use of Profanities.

Picture a scene: you’ve just stubbed your toe on the leg of your coffee table. A sharp pain shoots right through your body. You jump on to one foot and shout, Oh Golly Gosh! My poor toe!

No? I didn’t think so. I have a foul mouth, ashamed as I am to say it. But while I realise that there is a time and a place for it, I’m pretty liberal with my use of profanities. I make no apologies for it, but please don’t make the mistake of calling me ignorant when I swear. I’m all about freedom of expression.


5 responses to “100 Words, 100 Days: Day 53. On The Use of Profanities.

  1. A fella once told me that profanity is the last resort of the unprepared. I replied “Fuck yeah!”

  2. You know, I swear I did hear you use profanity once or twice when you were at my house. Imagine that. ))

  3. Swear all you want, darling!!
    You know I do and have no problem with it. I don’t understand why people say we’re ignorant when we swear.
    You’re telling me they get really, really angry when someone serves in front of them while they’re driving and they simply say, ‘Gosh darn it!’
    Yeah, right…


  4. And another thing, if I were to stub my toe on a table leg – it would be broadcast to the world as, ‘Fuck!!! Goddamn piece of shit table!’

    Wouldn’t that make you feel so much better than, ‘Oh Golly Gosh! My poor toe!’?


  5. I don’t think I EVER said golly gosh…lol

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