Write Here, Write Now: A Picture For You

I needed this today. Maybe I need this every day.

Image is courtesy of The Sounding Furrows

5 responses to “Write Here, Write Now: A Picture For You

  1. James! Do a search for Ira Glass on Youtube. You’ll find the whole talk. It is really good. The brief representation you show is excellent, but there’s quite a bit more to it.

  2. Hi James, Thanks for this post. It reminded me of a study that was published about three years ago regarding ‘genius’. Apparently, ‘genius’ is the result of 10,000 hours of practise at your art. I’ve probably put in something like that writing wise (if you count my journalism). I’m not feeling very geniussy, though.

  3. James, this piece really struck home with me. I’m currently experiencing the very feelings you mention. Now I feel a bit more encouraged. Thanks

  4. That is brilliant, Nancy Curterman pointed me to it, and I am so glad. How true is that? it’s so hard, so very hard, and I used to sit here and give myself unrealistic deadlines as to when I’d finish my novel, and then, I’d be unable to meet them and I’d think I was a failure…but I know I am not…thanks for posting this, and thanks again to Nancy for pointing me to it…

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