100 Words, 100 Days: Day 70. On Musicals.

As part of my annual holiday, I’m taking a trip to London next weekend. It’s a beautiful city and one I’ve not seen since the late 80s (when I was too drunk to appreciate it). I was thinking of taking in a show.

I’ve only been to two musicals in my life: Jesus Christ Superstar and Jekyll and Hyde. But I’ve a number of soundtracks in my collection, most notably Wicked and Les Miserables.

Very few events can stir emotion better than a well-staged musical and I look forward to checking at least one out while I’m away. But which one?


7 responses to “100 Words, 100 Days: Day 70. On Musicals.

  1. I can thnk of several: “Harold and Kumar, the Musical”. “I’ve Got Your Heart. The Story of Christian Barnard”, and the “Sara Palin Soccer Mom Dance Review”.

    Man. Entertainment has never been so… erm… entertaining. )

  2. I’d pay good money to see the last one.

  3. I have played in the orchestra/band for loads of musicals, but haven’t been to see that many as a member of the audience. Les Mis is one of those that I have had the good fortune to see and it’s BRILLIANT. I would heartily recommend going to see it if you can.

  4. Hope you have a blast on your holiday, darling!
    Just a question – we’re still on for New Year’s, right?
    I have it all planned!! You just have to sit back and enjoy!!


  5. Fingers my ass!!
    I’ve got my whole body twisted like a pretzel!!
    Which is very fun indeed!!

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