100 Words, 100 Days: Day 74. On Disappointments.

James Patterson was a writer for whom I had a lot of time. His earlier Alex Cross novels, up to an including Violets Are Blue, were outstanding pieces of entertainment: fast-paced, relentless thrillers. I could read a book a day if I had the time.

Then they got stupid. But worse than that, they became predictable. Even worse than that, I wished Patterson would kill off Cross once and for all. Then Patterson became a cash cow; so much so, he farmed his writing off (in my opinion) to anyone who had their hands out.

Have you been similarly disappointed?


3 responses to “100 Words, 100 Days: Day 74. On Disappointments.

  1. I’ve seen this happen also in Television scripts. A cast of characters gets put through so many ringers that the author has to Jump the Shark in order to keep things going. Usually the move is so severe that this presages the end of a show. My beloved “Mork and Mindy” did that in the last season. They killed off Mindy, brought in a duplicate from another dimension, and it just wasn’t funny any more.

  2. Yeah.
    When Dolce & Gabbana elected to ‘share’ their secrets with others.

    So disappointing! It reduced me to tears!!

    Much Love, darling!
    Enjoy your holiday!


  3. The same repetition occurred with Evanovich, a very funny mystery writer.

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