100 Words, 100 Days: Day 76. On Politics.

Ireland is currently in the process of electing its new president. By now we will know who exactly has thrown their hopeful hat into the ring. I’m hoping that Senator David Norris has made the cut, personally. But if there’s one thing that riles me it’s ignorance.

Statements like “we don’t need a president” and “we can’t afford a president” say to me that some people don’t know their constitution from their elbows. Ireland is a republic; republics require presidents. Anything else requires changing our constitution and political identity.

Maybe they want a return to monarchy, I don’t know. Dictatorship maybe?

2 responses to “100 Words, 100 Days: Day 76. On Politics.

  1. People don’t usually mean anything when they say stuff like that, in my experience. They miss the bigger picture by failing to recognise anything other than the immediate stimuli (rain, unemployment, banks, banks, banks…yes I’m Irish…). They just need to have a think – and actually we are probably as good at thinking as we are at complaining (virtuoso level) so hopefully it’ll happen eventually. I can’t see the Queen being offered her old job somehow…

  2. AS long as Martin McGuinness doesn’t get the job!!!

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