100 Words, 100 Days: Day 81. On Art.

Art can be a polarising subject. The phrase “one man’s fish is another man’s fowl” comes to mind when I consider what is conventionally called modern art. Okay, grab a few tin cans (empty ones preferably), find a pole tall enough to stick them on. Throw some paint over the whole thing, then voila: someone comes along and buys it from you, sticks it in a museum and allows people to pay in to see it.

Great! All I need now is a few cans, a pole, some paint – and then I’m set up for life. Oh…and a rich friend.

3 responses to “100 Words, 100 Days: Day 81. On Art.

  1. Oh yeah! This reminded me of a poem.


    Should you find yourself with nothing
    and your thoughts seem to be stuck,
    take a tip from one who’s been there
    and make yourself a buck.

    Bend and shape that piece of nothing.
    Paint it with a golden hue.
    Wrap it up in pretty ribbon
    and make it work for you.

    Weld two pieces tight together.
    Bolt another on the back.
    Screw a fourth into the first two
    and take up all the slack.

    Hit the whole thing with a blowtorch
    that disfigures every part.
    Your nothing is now something and
    you’ve just created ART!

  2. Good one, James.
    Wayne, you too! Loved the poem

  3. Picasso is purported to have said he could have a monkey dump a couple of cans of paint on a canvas, write Picasso at the bottom of it and people would buy it. Interesting.

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