100 Words, 100 Days: Day 100. On Discipline.

Image c/o Hugh Macleod: gapingvoid.com

It may look easy, but blogging on a daily basis, be it in 100 words or otherwise, requires persistence and discipline. There is a world full of material from which to write about; all the writer and blogger has to do is sit down and write, goddamnit.

For the last 100 days, that’s what I did. Fighting back the odd case of I don’t wanna, I have completed what has been by and large an enjoyable exercise. But the journey is far from over. I will continue to post daily, but won’t hamper myself with word counts. Let the blogging continue forthwith.




6 responses to “100 Words, 100 Days: Day 100. On Discipline.

  1. It’s darned hard work, James, well done!

  2. I am truly impressed! Not so much about the 100 days, but the 100 words part! Even when I talk in my sleep, I don’t keep it under 100 words!

    Congrats, James – it is a terrific achievement, and I look forward to your future posts – no matter how long!

  3. I am new to blogging and am thinking that this is a great challenge. I just joined the PostaDay challenge and am going to participate in the Weekly Photo Challenge, as I am a photographer, too. But, I think I want to try this next. Get your point across is 100 words…perfect.

  4. Congratulations, James. You did good.

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