The Daily Rant: On Halloween.

I just don’t get it, this Halloween business. No, seriously, it’s not because I’m all curmudgeonly or anything. Even as a kid I couldn’t catch on to it.

Maybe it’s because of where I come from and where I live: in Ireland and particularly Dublin, Halloween doesn’t appear to be about children any more. It has been hijacked by adults for games only they can partake in – like drinking, dressing in an overly provocative fashion (there is a time and place for these activities), and acts of wanton violence.

It is the night where all fire and emergency service leave is cancelled. Depending on the weather there can be anything up to a hundred reported incidents of accidents involving fire, theft, and drunk and disorderly behaviour. Just another weekend night, you may say, and I would agree with you – but with a proviso. Most incidents on Halloween are on a larger scale than weekends and our emergency services often find themselves stretched to capacity and sometimes are unable to respond to calls as quickly as they would under normal circumstances. It seems that every idiot comes out on Halloween.

It’s not about Trick and Treat anymore, I fear. It’s all about a minority of imbeciles out to cause the greatest damage in the shortest possible time. I hope parents and guardians keep their young ones safe and sound. I hope it’s a dry evening so they can call on neighbours and friends and play as children should be allowed to. But when the sun sets, you had best lock yourself in, keep your pets indoors if possible, and hope that no one gets hurt. Because someone usually does.

I don’t like Halloween. People can be scarier than the movies. But I do hope you yourself have an enjoyable time out there. Just be careful, okay?

5 responses to “The Daily Rant: On Halloween.

  1. That’s too bad. its getting that way over here too at least in terms of the provocative costumes/people doing stupid things. 😦 When we lived in California we were told to keep any pets inside because people might hurt them–especially black cats. 😦 People can be stupid everywhere. 😦

  2. It sounds like people don’t know how to Halloween in your neck of the woods. That makes me sad for you.

  3. I’m a sucker for Halloween, but not because of the trick or treat, or costumes, but because of its ORIGINAL meaning, going back to the Celtic festival of Samhain…the night the veil between the two worlds is at its thinnest, and well, how can I not love it, when my Julian is a Celt?
    (yep, he’s OLD lol)

  4. I’m disappointed that you don’t like Halloween, James. I was just talking to it yesterday, and it certainly likes YOU. It couldn’t stop talking about your blog.

  5. I am with Alannah – and the others who love Halloween. Its about kids ( and he big kids) who love to dress up and have innocent, fun parties, eat sweets till we are sick, play dumb party games ( like the olden days) bob for apples and to also pay tribute to those who have passed over, celebrate their time on earth and wish them well wherever they may be right now.

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