The Daily Rant: On Weekends.

Aren’t Weekends great? Don’t you wish you could take Weekends out for dinner, ply them full of wine and then take them home and have your wicked way with them? Weekends are so cool and full of awesome that if an election was held today to find the Supreme Ruler of the Known Universe, Weekends would win by a landslide.

Weekends are when you let your hair and treat yourself to whatever (or whoever) it is that floats your boat. But think about this, people: in order for you to enjoy your weekend, there are those who earn their living so you can trip the light fantastic. So, at the risk of sounding like a party pooper, please respect hard-working bartenders, waiting staff, cinema workers and the bloke who sources your drugs. Without them, your Weekends just wouldn’t be the same.

I’m off to work now. Don’t get too drunk, you hear me?

9 responses to “The Daily Rant: On Weekends.

  1. i wholeheartedly agree, though it is very rare that i encounter any of the above
    there aren’t many bartenders in this country, though,….

  2. Totally agree. I always feel for the people who work during the time, most of us are off. I know everyone who works in my local pub, and I know how hard of a job that is…

  3. I also agree. Let’s recognize the weekend workers. I would add that some people actually prefer weekend work. My daughter works weekends so she can participate in her children’s school activities.

    • I does suit me on most occasions, Nancy. Any time I want a weekend night off (mainly a Saturday) all I have to do is give my boss notice. As long as nothing major is taking place that day, it’s never a problem having it off.

  4. Hear! Hear! And Here, There, and Everywhere!

    Right on, Aardy! We’re with you! (Our youngest worked as a server and bartender for a few years – we’ve heard the stories of incredibly rude and STUPID customers. . .)

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