WOOL, by Hugh Howey

I found out about WOOL from a Facebook friend, who recommended it highly. And boy am I glad she did! Post-apocalyptic and dystopian literature doesn’t come much better than Hugh Howey’s five novel series(with more to follow, as well as the prequels FIRST/SECOND SHIFT).

From WOOL’s ominous beginning – a recently widowed sheriff volunteers for “cleaning” – to its revealing conclusion, the author fills each page with characters that grow from accepting the status quo to questioning everything they’ve been led to believe about how and why they live the way they do. Even the ‘villain’ of the piece is motivated by what he thinks is right – and a part of me understood why he acted the way he did.

Mr. Howey’s writing is superb; his descriptions of life underground are both real and affecting, and his action scenes gripped me with their authenticity and pace. In WOOL, mankind’s future is as bleak as Cormac McCarthy’s THE ROAD, but the hope Hugh Howey offers at the end makes following Juliette’s journey a sign that maybe, just maybe, we can make amends for our mistakes.

Read WOOL. Please.

4 responses to “WOOL, by Hugh Howey

  1. Here we go again. Last time you recommended a book (Cloud Atlas), I wound up buying three books. Just bought the Wool package as well.

  2. It’s well worth it, Richard. Howey’s style is simple but breath-taking.

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  4. Hi, James
    I’m reading Wool now, and am not as enamored of it as you seem to be. I’m finding it to be rather tedious, but then I’m only about 10% into the book. (Kindles don’t go by pages, sigh). Hopefully I’ll find some redeeming qualities here, soon.

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