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100 Words, 100 Days: Day 83. On Neighbours.

Mozart lived here when he was younger.

While I was in London this weekend, I stayed in The Belgravia Hotel (more like a guest house, but there you go) on Ebury Street, about ten minutes walk from Buckingham Palace. I took a bus tour of the city and it actually passed through Belgravia. I learned I was in august company. Mozart lived across the road from the hotel (he composed his first piece at the age of eight in London); Ian Fleming, Roger Moore and Sean Connery lived nearby too. JK Rowling and Margaret Thatcher are current residents.

Geniuses all, with the exception of The Iron Lady.




100 Words, 100 Days: Day 81. On Art.

Art can be a polarising subject. The phrase “one man’s fish is another man’s fowl” comes to mind when I consider what is conventionally called modern art. Okay, grab a few tin cans (empty ones preferably), find a pole tall enough to stick them on. Throw some paint over the whole thing, then voila: someone comes along and buys it from you, sticks it in a museum and allows people to pay in to see it.

Great! All I need now is a few cans, a pole, some paint – and then I’m set up for life. Oh…and a rich friend.