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On This Day…1 September

Happy September, ladies, gentlemen, reverend fathers and aardvarks. In less that four months it will be Christmas.

Just thought I’d say that. Don’t shoot me!

On this day in…

1532 – Lady Anne Boleyn is made Marchioness of Pembroke by her fiancé, King Henry VIII of England. (She’s off her head, that one!)

1878 – Emma Nutt becomes the world’s first female telephone operator when she was recruited by Alexander Graham Bell to the Boston Telephone Dispatch Company. (She didn’t have to be mad to work there – but it helped.)

1902 – A Trip to the Moon, considered one of the first science fiction films, is released in France.

1939 – Switzerland mobilizes its forces and the Swiss Parliament elects Henri Guisan to head the Swiss Army (an event that can happen only during war or mobilization). The Swiss spend the war making cuckoo clocks.

2004 – Beslan school hostage crisis commences when armed terrorists take children and adults hostage in Beslan in North Ossetia, Russia.

Happy birthday to:

Actress Lily Tomlin, 71 today.

Actor Don Stroud, 67.

Gloria Estefan, Cuban/American singer, is 53.

Go Gloria!