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On This Day…30 September

Thursday, 30 September

Say goodbye to September, people. It takes its annual holiday from today and won’t be with us again for another 11 months.

Get prepared for October, back from its own 11 month sabbatical. I’d love a break like that. I need one.

Anyway, on with the show – and today we start with events on this day in…

1399 – Henry IV is proclaimed King of England. Nice one, Hal. It’s a nice job if you can keep hold of it.

1791 – The Magic Flute, the last opera composed by Mozart, receives its premiere performance at Freihaus-Theater auf der Wieden in Vienna, Austria.

1888 – Jack the Ripper kills his third and fourth victims, Elizabeth Stride and Catherine Eddowes.

Hubert Cecil Booth, the inventor of the vacuum cleaner1901 – Hubert Cecil Booth patents the vacuum cleaner. Hoover wasn’t happy that Booth got there before he did.

1935 – The Hoover (oh, a connection at last) Dam, astride the border between the U.S. states of Arizona and Nevada, is dedicated.

1947 – The World Series, featuring the New York Yankees and the Brooklyn Dodgers, is televised for the first time.

1955 – Film icon James Dean dies in a road accident aged 24.

That's a lot of calamari.

1967 – BBC Radio 1 is launched and Tony Blackburn presents its first show; the BBC’s other national radio stations also adopt numeric names.

1982 – Cyanide-laced Tylenol kills six people in the Chicago area. Seven are killed in all.

2004 – The first images of a live giant squid in its natural habitat are taken 600 miles south of Tokyo.

Birthday greetings to:

When A Child is Born singer Johnny Mathis is 75.

Ray Burke, disgraced Irish minister and convicted tax cheat, is 67. The rest of the criminals in the Dail should have gone in with him.

Ex-minister Ray Burke. Boo! Hiss!

On another Irish political note, ex-minister for finance, Charlie McCreevy is 62.

Fran Drescher, American actress and the owner of one of the most annoying voices in entertainment, is 53.

Martina Hingis, Swiss tennis player and former World No. 1, is 30.

Cecelia Ahern, author of PS: I Love You, is 29.

In honour of James Dean, who died today in 1955 (as mentioned above), here’s a scene from his celebrated role in Rebel Without A Cause.


On This Day…31 August

Today we say goodbye to August for another year. If you’ve had a good month, I hope September will be even better. If you haven’t, well, there’s always September.

It’s a Tuesday, too. So, happy Tuesday, people.

On this day, 31 August, in…

1422 – Henry VI becomes King of England at the age of 9 months. They start them young over there. Just as well he didn’t become Pope – he’d still be at the Vatican now. Popes last forever.

This one is my favourite. In 1888, Mary Ann Nichols is murdered. She is the first of Jack the Ripper’s known victims. Was Jack’s identity ever comprehensively revealed?

1948 – Actor Robert Mitchum is arrested in a Hollywood drug raid. He would later be found guilty of criminal conspiracy to possess marijuana and sentenced to 60 days in prison. That’s our Robert – always the wild man.

1994 – The Provisional Irish Republican Army declares a ceasefire. Yeah…right.

1997 – Diana, Princess of Wales, her companion Dodi Al-Fayed and driver Henri Paul die in a car crash in Paris. I remember this like it was yesterday. Only it wasn’t. It was 13 years ago.

Birthdays today include:

American actor and universal heartthrob, Richard Gere is 61

Glenn Tilbrook, English singer and guitarist with Squeeze is 53

And triple-Major winner, golfer Padraig Harrington (he’s from Dublin, you know) is 39 and celebrates today with a Captain’s Pick in this year’s Ryder Cup at Celtic Manor in Wales.