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100 Words, 100 Days: Day 91. On Gobshites.

I suppose every language has that one word that stands out from the crowd. The kind of word that says what it means and means what it says. I don’t think gobshite is Irish (or Gaelic) but it’s as much part of our language as go raibh mile maith agat.

Go on, say it – with feeling. “You are a gobshite!” “What kind of gobshite are you?” “Don’t listen to him, he’s only a gobshite.” “I wouldn’t vote for your man over there, sure he’s only another gobshite politician.”

Let’s hear it for the gobshite, a word as versatile as any I know.

100 Words, 100 Days: Day 87. On Languages, Foreign or Otherwise.

Coming back from my recent trip to Nice, France, I am still concerned about the need to have another language under your belt. Yes, it’s true that most countries we visit will speak English as a second language, including (although cynics will say otherwise) France.

I think it’s a matter of common courtesy to address those who host our annual visits in as much of their native tongue as we can manage. The next time I travel abroad, I intend to learn as much of the language as I can. Even those who visit us know our language. We should return the favour.


100 Words, 100 Days: Day 53. On The Use of Profanities.

Picture a scene: you’ve just stubbed your toe on the leg of your coffee table. A sharp pain shoots right through your body. You jump on to one foot and shout, Oh Golly Gosh! My poor toe!

No? I didn’t think so. I have a foul mouth, ashamed as I am to say it. But while I realise that there is a time and a place for it, I’m pretty liberal with my use of profanities. I make no apologies for it, but please don’t make the mistake of calling me ignorant when I swear. I’m all about freedom of expression.