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A Spam Sandwich – Hold The Sterling, Please

I got this in my mail just now. Luckily enough Gmail recognised it for what it is. Still, for a wee second I was almost (but not quite) interested.

Image c/o orangesoda.com

UK Games Board
Victoria Square House,
Birmingham B2 4BP.
London, UK.
This Official Letter of Notification is displayed in the order of the 2012 Olympics Games that will next be held in London 2012 Opening date, 27 July 2012. Closing date, 12 August 2012. Your Email Address have won you the sum of One Million Pounds Sterling, your e-mail address was gotten through the United Kingdom Information Network Online (U.K.I.N.O)and your winning is attached to a Reference Number: BOGC/9887-44UK & Batch Number: 44/0091-BO1/GC2 been for the International Promotions Program.
Draws of Email Addresses was selected through a computer system from  Thirty Thousand email addresses across the world as part of the IPP and the winning sum for this draw is Five Million Pounds to be shared amound 5 eligible winners by receiving this notification. Send your claimaint details to the below contact for payment processing, data programming and further steps of claiming will be related with you by Mr. Perry Lyons.

Image c/o sfgate.com

Sex: | First Name: | Surname:| Occupation: |  Marital Status: |  Date of Birth: |  Residential |  Address: | Country of Origin: | Nationality/Citizenship: | Email: | Alternative Email: | Fax #:
Tel#: | Cell#:.
Mr. Perry Lyons
Tel: +44 702 402 7924
Email: v-world2010@hotmail.com
This program is promoted and sponsored by allot of partnerships such as: Acer, Cocacola,DOW,Panasonic, P&G, Samsung, Visa, Addidas, BMW, British Airways, e.t.c. Please Quote your Reference and Batch numbers and avoid unnecessary delay/complications, all funds that are unclaimed within 2 weeks of notification will be revoke. We also advise that you keep your winning information very confidential as our security policy demands to avoid double claims/impersonation and unwarranted abuse of this program by unscrupulous element.
UK Tele Raff
Copy Right 2010
Message-ID: <B898634359A1402FA4B8F770F70D70EA.MAI@home>

If any of you feel like chancing your arm and somehow get lucky, just get me a ticket to the States. You can hang on to the rest.

On This Day…16 September

16 September 2010

Good morning, good evening, or good night (depending on what time of the day you’re reading this). How goes it with you? All well? Great! I’m fine, too, thanks for asking.

Enough with the pleasantries, Jimbo, get on with the job at hand.

Okay, I will. Here we go! On this day in…

1701 – James Francis Edward Stuart, sometimes called the “Old Pretender”, becomes the Jacobite claimant to the thrones of England and Scotland. Nice one, Jimbo!

1812 – Russians set fire to Moscow shortly after midnight – the city burns down completely days later. Someone forgot to turn off the gas, methinks.


1908 – General Motors is founded.

1920 – The Wall Street bombing: a bomb in a horse wagon explodes in front of the J. P. Morgan building in New York City – 38 are killed and 400 injured.

1955 – Juan Perón is deposed in Argentina. Eva went on to make a name for herself on stage and screen. Argentina never cried for her, though.

image c/o conservativehome.blog.com

1992 – Black Wednesday: the Pound Sterling is forced out of the European Exchange Rate Mechanism by currency speculators and is forced to devalue against the Deutschmark. The Euro-Sceptics were right, after all.

2007 – One-Two-GO Airlines Flight 269 carrying 128 crew and passengers crashes in Thailand killing 89 people.

Happy candle-blowing day to:

Lauren Bacall, American actress, 86 today. You know how to whistle, don’t you?

Peter Falk, American actor and known to millions as Lt. Columbo is 83.

"Just one more question..."

Mickey Rourke, American actor and the owner of the most beat-up face in Hollywood is 58.

Jennifer Tilly, American actress and star of one of the “hottest” movies I’ve ever seen, Bound, is a tasty 52. (WHAT?)

And in my attempt in keeping things Irish when I can, former World Snooker Champion Ken Doherty is 41 today.

Here’s a clip of the Darling of Dublin winning that championship in 1997.