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100 Words, 100 Days: Day 32. On Opinions.

Like backsides, everyone’s got an opinion. No subject is safe from them. And like most backsides, it is advisable that they remain safely hidden away from public view. Not all opinions are hairy, pimply, badly formed and just plain wrong; but the ones I’ve had to listen to recently check all the above boxes. Being a bartender has its disadvantages: listening to backsides airing their backside opinions is perhaps the worst offender.

To these backsides, logic is something Spock uses when he has lost his phaser. Like all backsides, they need wiping now and then.

Scotty, beam me up. Now.

On This Day…8 September

It’s midweek On This Day time! Fill up the kettle, pour yourself a brew, then settle down for a minute or two and find out what happened on this day in…

1504 – Michelangelo’s David is unveiled in Florence. Italian men everywhere sign up for gym memberships.

A fine specimen, wouldn't you think?

1888 – In England the first six Football League matches are played. Preston North End let me down for a six-timer. I had them to win…wankers!

1935 – US Senator from Louisiana, Huey Long, nicknamed “Kingfish”, is fatally shot in the Louisiana capitol building.

1966 – The first Star Trek series premieres on NBC. For some, it’s the still the best incarnation. I’m a Deep Space Nine man, myself.

2004 – NASA’s unmanned spacecraft Genesis crash-lands when its parachute fails to open. Phil Collins denies all knowledge.

Born on this day in…

1971, ET star Henry Thomas is 39.

He shares his birthday with Scream actor David Arquette.

And the venerable comedian, Sid Caesar, is a classy 88. Go get ’em, Sid.