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100 Words, 100 Days: Day 90. On NaNoWriMo (via Quantum Leap).

Theorizing that one could write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days, Writer James McShane turned on this laptop and typed.

He wrote until he found himself stuck in the zone, facing words and  images that he had created, and driven by an Unknown Force to change plot points for the better.

His only guide on his journey is You, a reader that James can neither see nor hear. And so, Writer McShane finds himself leaping from chapter to chapter, from character to character, striving to put down one word after another, hoping each time that the next word will be the last.



A Musical Note: Rolf Harris – Sun Arise (via Uphill Writing)

In my memory, Rolf Harris was renowned for his ditties, Tie Me Kangaroo Sport and Jake the Peg. What I didn’t realise until much later was the depth of Harris’ talents. He was (and still is) an exceptional artist and he used his comedic talents while demonstrating his painting technique. His canvasses were broad but unique. I have a fond recollection of his UK chart-topping song, Two Little Boys, itself a commentary on the futility of war as well as the love between brothers. This particular song, Sun Arise, I haven’t heard for such a long time. Thanks, Rik, for bringing back some rather nice memories

A Musical Note: Rolf Harris - Sun Arise Australian born renaissance man, Rolf Harris is known for his acting, comedy performances, painting and drawing, and of course song-writing and singing… and chances are, if you live in the US,  you’ve never heard of him.  Most of his songs were comedic in nature, but one, very early on in his career was poetic and powerful—at least in my … Read More

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