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This is really raw. I had half an hour in my hotel room this afternoon, so I wrote this as fast as I could for my blog, and then the Guardian asked, so I sent it to the Guardian, and an hour later it was up on their site. It’s an attempt to talk about Ray Bradbury today. It starts… Yesterday…

Neil Gaiman: Ray Bradbury


Haven’t tried it yet, but sounds like a nice way to get creativity flowing.
One word writing prompts. I like it. You only get sixty seconds too, so no time for messing around.


Lots of things might happen. That’s the thing about writers. They’re unpredictable. They might bring you eggs in bed for breakfast, or they might all but ignore you for days. They might bring you eggs in bed at three in the morning. Or they might wake you up for sex at three in the morning. Or… 

Hi.: What happens if you fall in love with a writer?


This month, many of us are trying to pound out a novel. The ultimate dream is to break into the publishing world with a debut that makes people sit up and take notice.

Daily 10: 10 Debut Science Fiction and Fantasy Novels That Took the World by Storm(via @io9)


Bre Pettis | I Make Things – Bre Pettis Blog – The Cult of Done Manifesto


They almost had me going before, but now I know the truth. The church lies to us all.

How You Know the Church Lies


Even Wattpad wishes me a happy birthday. This is the upside of getting old.

I just updated my status on Wattpad