Welcome to my World of Books

We all love to read, right? Otherwise what point is there in life? And with so many books to choose from, where do you start? If your TBR pile is bigger than your mortgage; if it’s taller than Everest; and causing you more anxiety than you care to think about, don’t worry: you’re not alone. Welcome to my world. I love it here.

I’m James, and I read for pleasure. A lot. No genre is left forgotten. I grew up on crime fiction, devouring Agatha Christie and Mario Puzo with equal fervour. I imagined the worlds of James Bond and Thomas Covenant and wished I lived there and saw their exploits for myself, albeit well out of harm’s way.

I set Goodreads targets every January and usually surpass them by the end of summer. I read about books, too. I follow my favourite authors on social media, and press them for more books featuring characters I’ve grown to love down through the years. But now I want to share them with you: the books, new and old; the writers, contemporary and classical; the ideas, modern and all-encompassing; the world as we read it, in all its beauty and ugliness; the feelings, precious and overwhelming.

This is my world. It’s yours, too — whether you see this or not. I love it here. I hope you will, too.